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Visiting Independence Community College

Visiting Team Information, Game Day Information

Visitor's Guide

Locker Room:
The visitors locker room is located under the northwest bleachers on the north end of the stadium. The locker room will be open upon your arrival and your coaches will be given a key. It is your responsibility to lock the door and return the key to the game administrator following the contest. We cannot guarantee the security of valuables during the game.

Visiting teams will be responsible for providing their own towels for the sideline and for showering.

You will be provided with space for your coaching staff at the north end of the press box. As the visiting team, your coaching staff head-sets will be your responsibility.

Game Video:
Our press box is limited to one person per team to videotape. It is your responsibility to have an ample amount of extension cord should your battery system fail. Visitors will not be allowed to use their own scaffolding or have a vehicle on the track or field surface.

Medical Staff:
Beth Ramsey and at least one physician will be on hand during the game. Montgomery County Ambulance and EMTs will also be available. The ICC training staff will take care of your ice and water needs prior to the game and at halftime.

You will be provided with space for two (2) radio broadcasters in the press box. The contact person for sideline access and your courtesy radio line is assistant athletic director Tony Turner at (620) 332-5462. Media passes will be distributed at the south gate of the stadium.

Spirit Squad:
Cheerleaders/Yell Leaders and Mascots arriving as a group and in uniform will be admitted free of charge. There will not be dressing rooms available and we ask that cheerleaders perform in front of the designated visitors section of the bleachers on the east side of the stadium.

Please contact Tony Turner, assistant athletic director, at (620) 332-5462.